Good News; Bad news.

The good news is you were in beautiful part of the world.  The bad news is you were in a beautiful part of the world and you were charged with performing a criminal act.  Tough stuff but now your need to deal with those facts.  And you need to protect your rights.  If you were charged with a criminal offense in Rhode Island ( whether it was Newport County, Rhode Island;  Washington County, Rhode Island; Kent County, Rhode Island; or Providence County, Rhode Island ) you need to defend yourself.  And THE FLANAGAN LAW OFFICES, LLC. can help you.  A Veteran Trial Lawyer and a Navy JAG Veteran, Attorney Frank Flanagan has over 20 years of experience helping folks accused of not being at their best.  Put those years or experience to work for you in defending your rights.  Develop a strategic litigation plan to insure the best result from the facts confronting you.  Defend yourself, allow THE FLANAGAN LAW OFFICES, LLC. to defend your rights when accused.

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